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I’ve been playing the violin since I was six years old but I didn't play very often for much of my 20's and 30's.  Then in March-April 2020, I jumped back into music as a way to decompress during those early days of COVID lockdown.  I started writing my own songs for the first time, and starting recording music.

Since May 2020, I've also made it a routine to share one piece of music every day on Instagram.  It's a fun way to keep myself playing and learning new songs, and it's nice to be able to share something positive with people every day.

In September 2020 I recorded my first album, and I've released three more since then.  Each song contains multiple instruments, but I'm the only musician. Instruments on different tunes include violin, guitar, keyboard, and occasionally cello.

When I'm not playing music I'm usually helping my wife with our busy household of foster kittens (more on that here), or working at my day job as an emergency room doctor.

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